Yoga for Fatigue Relief

Too tired. For many it’s the default response to every request—even the fun ones. Some of the walking weary are simply too overworked or overstressed to get adequate rest, while others may feel drained by a physical ailment, a psychological condition, or the side effects of medication. Whatever the cause, all can benefit from the …

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Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Keeping High Blood Pressure in Check Chances are at least one person in your life —a family member, someone you work with, or a good friend—has high blood pressure and takes one or more pills a day to bring it under control. Why so likely? Because high blood pressure—what doctors call hypertension—affects one in three …

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Yoga for Digestion: 7 Poses To Calm Your Stomach and Give You Energy

No matter how healthy or fit you might be, you can’t escape the occasional discomfort of indigestion. We all experience it from time to time—especially around the holiday season. While digestive disturbances like bloating, cramping, or constipation are relatively minor, you don’t have to endure the discomfort. Besides, chronic constipation and frequent indigestion can give …

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