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The 9 Keys to a Happier, Healthier You

Key #1: Balance Your Responses to the Six Types of Stress
Most people understand that chronic stress is not good for your health, but few people know how to combat it or realize that stress can come from unlikely sources such as food, sleep habits, and your emotions. It’s possible to keep engaged in your goals for a fit soul and a fit body regardless of the pressures in your life.

Key #2: Quiet the Mind
This is an extremely effective tool for dissipating emotional stress and helping shift negative thoughts; it’s helpful even when stress is not a factor.

Key #3: Transform Fear, Anger, and Jealousy
Each day is filled with personal Olympic moments – an important meeting, a big workout, a tough but necessary talk with a friend, a commitment to a daily spiritual practice. Fear, anger and jealousy are not emotions that will help us in these important moments. Good thoughts lead us to incredible awareness and experiences in life.

Key #4: Reconnect to the Natural World
With the advent of the modern world and the industrial revolution our bodies have become out of sync with the ancient connection to our earth. Having a sense that you and Mother Earth have a special relationship, that she is alive, is as important an element to developing the health of your body as are your physical workouts and in reconnecting a person’s soul to trust in life, joy and happiness.

Key #5: Honor Yourself
Self-love is the most immediate tool you can use to fortify yourself against negative emotions like fear or self-doubt. It doesn’t involve anyone but you. Self-love transforms need into peace.

Key #6: Know and Set the Quest
The motivation and desire to achieve a fit soul and a fit body come to us most clearly when we have an image of what we are after, a goal. What kind of a person do you want to become? What goals are you striving for? What does that image look like in its finished form for both body and soul?

Our goals and visions are the magnet that draws us into action, and if focused on with both steadfastness and flexibility will over time yield benefits beyond our imagination.

Key #7: Live What You Ask For
Truly being free to achieve your fit soul and fit body goals is only possible when you live what you are asking for. Live with the thoughts and actions that empower you, not weaken you. Surround yourself with people who share your values, and focus on having a positive attitude.

Key #8: Slow Down to Get Faster
In the modern world most people feel they must push their bodies and souls to the limit to make any gains in fitness or to change their approach to life. But we are not set up that way. We all thrive when you apply small focused changes that are more gradual and enjoyable, not intense.

Key #9: Invite Your Inner Cave Man to the Table
Our bodies have not changed significantly since the days of our cave ancestors where super-sized meals were non-existent. Eating the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats and protein based on these ancient genetics helps attune you to your body’s unique needs and keeps your metabolism humming along rather than stifling it by eating either too little or too much, both of which cause us to hold onto unwanted and unnecessary body fat.

Originally published on fitsoul-fitbody.com; reposted with permission.

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