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Now is the Time to Ground

For many people a lot of emotions are stirred up during this unprecedented time we are living in. Anxiety and fear can pull us out of our body as we absorb the collective energy of the world at large. We may not be able to discern our own energy from that of the collective consciousness, but we have the ability to redirect our focus and connect with the world in a different way—a more meaningful way.

In challenging times, we tend to lose ourselves in some of the external chaos. I find it helps to quiet the mind, go within, and meditate. I’d like to share a meditation I repeat to myself to stay grounded. You may want to do this barefoot, in a comfortable space, in your home or outside where you have plenty of room.

Start by visualizing yourself as a strong and powerful tree, with expansive limbs, and a magnificent presence in the forest. You may see color around you, greens, blues, yellows. Imagine the coolness of the leaves or the roughness of the bark stretching down your body. Focus on your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply into the base of your feet. Feel that breath of air as it goes down to your toes.

Now, as you focus on your toes see them transform into roots of light. Continue to breathe and feel yourself in these roots, as they travel deep into Mother Earth, down, down, deeper down until they reach the center of our earth. Imagine a beautiful core of pink and white light. The light represents the love of the earth and the universe.

The roots absorb this light and become illuminated. Feel that light surge up through your roots. The light travels fast until it reaches your feet. Pause for a moment and really feel this light penetrate your feet, as it gently flows up through your legs and body. See this beautiful light continue to travel up through your chest where it lovingly embraces your heart. And as this light travels up through your neck, out through your head, it moves ever outward into the universe.

Your breath is calm. It has the same rhythm as the energetic beat of our beloved Mother Earth. Ask for this light to protect you and disconnect you from anything that is not yours, that is not for your highest good. You are now grounded, connected to the earth and the universe. You can return here whenever you want by simply going within.

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Republished with permission from billphilipps.com.