Weightloss: Integrative Ayurveda Approach

Dr. Sari Patel, MD, will share her thoughts and medical perspective on the need for a holistic approach to natural weight loss. Her advice: an approach that is personalized and addresses all aspects of one’s being, body and mind.

The Ayurvedic approach is a very unique approach to weight loss. Most of the traditional, modern weight-loss programs have not utilized the body’s natural self-healing ability to work with weight loss or gain or management. The fact that Ayurveda does nurture this capacity of the body is a very unique approach that is quite distinct from what we traditionally do with medical science.

Dr. Sari will be one of the leaders of Living Light: Ayurveda Weight-Loss Program, launching this September at the Art of Living Retreat Center.

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Interested in learning more about programs at the Art of Living Retreat Center? Check out our annual catalog here.


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