HSP Retreat

What Does Retreat Mean for HSPs?

Sometimes life just feels like it wears us down. This has especially been true for 2021. Covid vaccines are rolling out, and some HSPs are ambivalent or confused about what it all means for them personally and for the world…Will I have a strong reaction to the vaccine? Should I even get it? Are we all going back to the frenetic life that was before? Sometimes we start to feel burned out with all the stress and decision fatigue. Sometimes, the ground feels shaky beneath our feet.

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Standing Mediation

A Standing Meditation for Self-Care

A student of mine, a freelance writer named Georgia, recently told me about her journey to self-love. As is the case for many freelancers, Georgia’s workload ebbed and flowed, and flowed particularly high when she felt the fear of financial pressure. A few years ago, Georgia explained to me, she took on too much work as a way to pay her bills and fend off acute future anxiety about money troubles. As soon as the work piled up, Georgia’s life became much less healthy — and it took her some time to notice the cycle she was caught in.

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Appreciating Your Aliveness

We only get one body in this life, the one we are each endowed with right this moment. Please begin by giving yours the respect it deserves. Did you realize every atom in it is 14.5 billion years old? All bodies are part of matter, created at the big bang, 10 billion years before the earth appeared.

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Why Things Manifest

When Divine Will truly moves into your awareness, instead of walking behind you throughout the various stages of conditioning, you are merging the personal with the Divine to activate what is known as intuitive guidance.

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The Gut-Wrenching Process of Befriending Ourselves

For better or for worse, there is no way around the fact that technology breeds isolation, at least in certain ways. Eighty-two percent of American smartphone users (a majority of our nation’s population) reported in a recent Pew survey that the presence of phones deteriorated their most recent in-person conversations. Such figures are harrowing, but not surprising.

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Why Let Go?

Throughout the human condition, it is normal to be positively elated by the birth of new creations that renewal so often provides. Equally so, it is also normal for the elation experienced in renewal to flatten or seem empty as new things become old.

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Group Inquiry Request

Group Inquiry Request